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1. A company where an employee take pride of.
2. Trusted by the customers.
3. Contributes change to society.
4. Anticipates change with the aim of further progress.
We offer on time delivery at a reasonable cost and best quality products. Our employees are ready to face everyday challenge in improving our technology. We adhere to comply for all the laws, rules and regulations with regards to environmental concern and safety, as we protect the safety of our employees and customers as well.


To meet customer’s requirement, each one is carrying the responsibility of a quality system that offers customers’ satisfaction.
1. To supply product that will satisfy customer’ demand.
2. To develop a policy in quality objectives and maintain continuous effectiveness.
3. To promote improvement in making effective and reasonable mechanism that complies with the requirements of quality system.
4. To build an original process assurance system as well as improve the quality of a well-known policy for the whole organization.


We recognize that environmental protection is one of the most important issues, and we believe that we are responsible for achieving good environmental practice by improving our production process to help reduce impact on the environment. We are committed in providing good quality service in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace


Since 1963 our company in Japan is engaged in the field of various plating process treatment. For 50 years we have grown together with our customers. We have learned that, to have such success, good relationship with customers, workers, suppliers, other companies, and various people is themain key to achieve company’s vision. Here in the Philippines, I think, we can do the same, so we have decided to put up this Electrolytic Nickel Plating this year. Our main goal is to provide good quality service and ensureimmediate action for every customer’s demand. Thus, we are open to improvements to ensuresecurity and stable supply as always as can be. As expected, all my employees will strive to do theirbest, for the success of this company.

Mr. Shigeru Ono
Company President /Directors’ Representative

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